Thursday, February 26, 2009

Cardinal Damages Digits

Today I'm a guest blogger at Birdchick Blog. Stop by Sharon's excellent site to read my article about banding Northern Cardinals.


  1. Sir, I just saw your article about cardinals. Is it true that there are cardinals in the San Antonio area? Cardinals are my favorite bird. I don't find them to be strange as others in your area seem to label them. Perhaps the hot weather in Texas causes them to have strange behavior as I don't see that exhibited in Ohio. Do the Northern Cardinals stay in the area all year round or only for a few months of the year? I am moving to the San Antonio area in a few months and will miss the cardinals in our area of Ohio.

  2. Yes, there are LOTS of Cardinals in San Antonio. Let me know when you get to Texas and I'll connect you with some local birders.


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